Sam sending Wisconsin

Laura R. Becherer

Sometimes you call to show
me the weather. In winter, snow,
but in summer: “Sisse, can you hear
the thunder?” as you hold your phone
to the open door. I miss rain
storms the most. These transparent walls rob
me of my senses; I can only listen
to the tinny crackling through speakers,
see the downpour soak the red wood
of our deck. My memory supplies what’s missing:
scent of damp, the close kiss
of humidity on sticky skin,
thighs pressed with sweat,
arm hairs prickling in the waiting
atmosphere. Like a phantom limb,
my nerves tingle and I can almost recreate
myself there, in our living room, bare
feet cool against the polished floors.
I can almost catch the lightning in my palms,
wrap my body in the August air.

Laura R. Becherer is a doctoral student at the University of Glasgow and is primarily interested in magical realism and women’s narratives. Laura has published a wide variety of pieces, including poetry, fiction, and personal essays. She is the co-author of the upcoming book *A Drink of One’s Own: Feminist Cocktails for Literary Ladies*, to be published by Freight Books in the autumn of 2016.

Photo credit: Angie Spoto

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