We’re in Shetland!

The moment has finally arrived! I’m here in Shetland, the beautiful islands that inspired Kirsten and me to create our literary magazine Shetland Create. These past two days have been filled with amazing sites: striking cliffs, silly sheep, warm coffee, sweet treats (puffin poo!) and rolling green hills.

Oh, and I’m on the radio *gulp*. I met with Richard Forbes from BBC Radio Shetland to chat about Shetland Create. Check out the interview at 24:00.

Tomorrow, I’m off on a boat trip around the island of Noss, then a little shopping (looking to take home some Shetland wool and fudge… not to mention Shetland Reel Gin), and finally Shetland Create’s Issue #1 Launch Party at the Peerie Shop Cafe! Can’t wait to meet some of the lovely contributors to the magazine as well as other local Shetland writers. Come along if you’re in Lerwick from 7 – 10 PM, 9 July for a night of stories and treats.

Day 2

Day 1

Shetland Create celebrates creativity in Shetland through its literary magazine and literary readings. The next reading will take place on 9 July. Issue #1 of the magazine is available for free online at http://www.shetlandcreate.com. Hosted by University of Glasgow students Kirsten Boswell and Angie Spoto. Follow us on Twitter @ShetlandCreate. Come celebrate with us!

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