Issue #1 Now Available in Print

I’m proud to announce the print publication of Shetland Create’s Issue #1 Home. It’s been quite a journey through the world of book production and design, and I’ve learned so much along the way. The book (if I may say so myself) turned out beautifully!

It’s for sale online, and you can order a copy by sending me an email (nightofcreativity[at] or following the links on the website here. Proceeds from the books sales go toward covering production costs and paying the authors.

issue one with succulant

I’d like to also extend a special thank you to our Crowd Funder sponsors who made our lit mag a reality!

Sponsers page

This Saturday 9 July, we’re hosting the Issue #1 Launch Party up in Shetland. Expect cute pictures of seals and puffins soon 😀

Launch Party Photo 3.png


Shetland Create celebrates creativity in Shetland through its literary magazine and literary readings. The next reading will take place on 9 July. Issue #1 of the magazine is available for free online at Hosted by University of Glasgow students Kirsten Boswell and Angie Spoto. Follow us on Twitter @ShetlandCreate. Come celebrate with us!

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