Issue #1 Published!

I’m proud to announce that Shetland Create’s Issue #1 Home is now available for free online. The issue features the voices of 21 writers who explore the complex meanings of home through poetry, prose, and essay.

Shetland CreateIssueHome

When Kirsten and I set out to found Shetland Create, we both gravitated toward the theme of ‘home’. Kirsten is from Shetland living now in Aberdeen and studying in Glasgow, and I’m from, well, Chicago-New Hampshire-Wisconsin-Holland-Glasgow. In fact, neither of us really knew where we called home and certainly home wasn’t a singular place. And perhaps home wasn’t a place at all: the purest form of home for me is when I’m united with my twin sister. She’s my home.

Home’s complicated, and that’s why Kirsten and I wanted to dig deep into its depths. The work featured in Issue #1 explores home in its many nuanced meanings. Colin Herd’s poem ‘Sleep‘ reminds us that home can be as simple the place we rest our heads at night. Eunice Chung’s essay ‘At Sea‘ likens home to an anchor, a place we return to again and again and which gives us our bearings. The poems ‘White Goods‘ by Derek Parkes and ‘Safe‘ by Sandra Kohls transport us with their honest nostalgia for domestic spaces. And Marsali Taylor’s excerpt from the novel Death on a Longship  shows us what it means to return home burdened with new memories and experiences.

Writers featured in Issue #1 are: Colin Herd, Sandra Kohls, Vivien Jones, Jane Goldman, Catriona Carter, Derek Parkes, Marsali Taylor, Jane Frank, Anne-Trine Benjaminsen, Finola Scott, Lorrie Hartshorn, Kirsten Boswell, Angie Spoto, Natalie Reid, Peter McCune, Mairi Murphy, Jessica Spoto, Sally Huband, David Ross Linklater, Laura B. Bechere, and Eunice Chung.

Please, sit back, make yourself a cup of tea (or cup of joe), get cozy in your favorite sweater and explore home with us. Visit the magazine here.

I would implore you to please press ‘Older Posts’ at the bottom of the magazine’s webpage. More literary treats await you. (Apologies on my part as I struggle to manipulate our WordPress theme… I’m aiming to get everything on one page soon!)

If you missed the deadline to submit your work to Issue #1, please check back shortly. The reading period for Issue #2 opens soon… we’ll be getting to the bottom of that ever-alluring season: Autumn.

Happy reading!

Angie Spoto

Co-Editor, Shetland Create

Shetland Create celebrates creativity in Shetland through its literary magazine and literary readings. The next reading will take place on 9 July. Issue #1 of the magazine is available for free online at Hosted by University of Glasgow students Kirsten Boswell and Angie Spoto. Follow us on Twitter @ShetlandCreate. Come celebrate with us!



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