Meet Shambles Miller, Glasgow Singer/Songwriter

In preparation for Shetland Create’s literary night, we’re getting to know a few Scottish creatives. Today we learn about Shambles Miller, Glasgow singer/songwriter.

My name is Shambles Miller and I’m a singer/songwriter. Sometimes people ask me why I’m called Shambles. It could be because I’m 29 and I still regularly run out of money before the end of the month, or because I’m a professional(ish) musician who plays a super-cheap guitar with ghosts painted on it. Or maybe it’s just because I’m always forgetting my keys and stuff.


Photo Credit: Kate Smith

I write music that’s funny but also sometimes not, and I wouldn’t say I’m a comedy musician, but I’m sure some people think I am. Maybe they’re right, I don’t know. I’m quite indecisive. I think I just tend to deal with stuff through humour.

I overthink things a lot, and much of my inspiration comes from a desire to understand things better. Things like politics, death, my stupid brain, love, Star Wars. All the usual stuff.
Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Launch 01 September 2014

FREE IMAGE PLEASE CREDIT (c) Russell G Sneddon Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Launch Glasgow 01 September 2014 Glasgow comedy singer/songwriter Shambles Miller performed at the launch (c) Russell G Sneddon

I’m from Glasgow. It’s in everything I write, woven through my songs like it’s woven through me. But home isn’t where I am, it’s what I’m doing. Who I’m with. It’s singing songs to people, playing board games with my friends, talking to my parents about how we miss our dog whilst drinking Buck’s Fizz at 11am on Christmas. It’s when I’m actually enjoying something in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow. I feel at home in any pub with a lot of dogs.
Shambles Miller.jpg

I’m Shambles Miller and I’m at home in Cardonald, Ooo, Hyrule, Nashville, Tatooine, Florida, and Partick.



Twitter: @shamblesmiller




And I’m shamblesmiller on pretty much everything else. Instagram, vine, tumblr, etc.

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